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Perfect for: Adding Daily Variety, Older Dogs, Special Diets and Food Boredom

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Everything You Need to Know About Dog Food Toppers | doggondiments

Dog food toppers are a great way to add variety and fun to your dog’s mealtime. And they even help solve some pesky problems such as food boredom or picky eating. You can add these flavor enhancers directly on top of their kibble or wet food, giving them something special to look forward to each mealtime. Toppers can also provide additional protein, vitamins, minerals, and prebiotics that help keep your pup healthy. With all these benefits, it’s no wonder why dog food toppers have become so popular! Read on to learn more.

What Are Dog Food Toppers?

Dog food toppers are additional ingredients that you can add to your dog’s regular meals. You can do this typically by either pouring over top of your dog’s regular food, or, mixing with water to create gravies or au jus’. You can use toppers as a way to jazz up mealtime, create increased interest in eating or simply add variety to their seven days a week eating routine. Dog food toppers often contain higher quality ingredients than regular dog food, and they can provide extra nutrition that your pup may not be getting from their regular diet. Some popular toppers include freeze-dried meats, dehydrated veggies, fruits, flavored powders and more. They can be found in both dry and wet form.

Benefits of Dog Food Toppers

So what are some of the benefits of incorporating a topper into your pet’s feeding regimen? Let’s take a quick look at ten benefits:

  1. Add variety and excitement to daily mealtime
  2. Use new scents and flavors to work in conjunction with your dog’s natural instincts
  3. Enhance nutritional value of food by incorporating vitamins, mineral and digestive enzymes such as prebiotics and probiotics.
  4. Easy to add on top of regular meals for a quick and nutritious boost
  5. Variety of flavors and scents to tempt picky eaters
  6. Use them without having to switch out your dog’s regular kibble or wet food
  7. Helps eliminate food boredom
  8. Makes special diet or prescription foods more palatable for dogs
  9. Can make tasty gravies that dogs love
  10. Can be used as treats or snacks as well as meals.

But perhaps the number one reason pet parents use toppers is for the fun it creates for humans and dogs alike at mealtime. A simple “What shall we eat tonight?” takes feeding time to a whole new level. Not only will they love the additional flavors, but you can also give them the extra nutrition they need. And it’s an easy way to add variety without having to change out kibble or wet food altogether.

Another big plus is toppers are a great way to transition picky eaters or puppies to new flavors and textures, as well as introduce them to new ingredients. Dog food toppers can also be a great way to satisfy their cravings for treats without having to give them unhealthy snacks. With the right dog food topper, you can make every mealtime enjoyable and nutritious!

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What types of dog food toppers are available?

dog food topper

You’ll can find a good variety of dog food toppers available on the market today, but, they do range in type and how you incorporate them into food. For example, toppers come in both dry and wet forms, so you can test and see which type works with your pup’s dietary needs. Popular options include freeze-dried meats, dehydrated vegetables, fruits, powders, gravies and more. You can also find toppers made with organic ingredients and those specifically designed for picky eaters.

Freeze-Dried Food Toppers

Freeze-dried food toppers are an excellent way to give your dog a boost of nutrition and extra flavor that they love. These tasty treats can be packed with protein, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. Just remember to view the ingredients to ensure they are right for your dog’s needs. Freeze-dried food toppers are quick and easy to add on top of their regular meals, making them an ideal option for busy pet owners. Plus, they have a longer shelf life than other types of dog food toppers, so you can stock up and save time when mealtime comes around. Typically you will find these freeze-dried options in sealed bags or larger containers.

Wet Dog Food Toppers and Gravies

Wet dog food toppers and gravies may have more appeal to your own pup, as some dogs just prefer a warm topping which helps soften food. These types of

benefits of dog food toppers

toppers are often made with high quality ingredients such as lean proteins, fruits and vegetables, but they of course can cost more. Wet toppers tend to have a shorter shelf life than dry food toppers, so keep that in mind. 

Dog Food Topper Sprinkles

Dog food topper sprinkles are another convenient and fun way to add flavor and nutrition to your dog’s meals. These tiny morsels come typically in a convenient shaker type bottle, essentially the same type as the spices in your spice cabinet. They can also be packaged in resealable bags. Either way, you can simply sprinkle or pour out these toppers onto dry kibble or wet canned food. While not as convenient to use as powdered formulas, dog food sprinkles work well.

Powdered Dog Food Toppers

Powder dog food toppers are perhaps the fastest growing, and perhaps most popular, type of topper you can find. Compact in packaging and cost-per-serving efficient, powdered toppers give you the biggest bang for your buck. A little can go a long way. Powdered formulations are superior for mixing with and coating dry kibble, making every bite for your dog a bigger flavor sensation. Additionally, powders are much better for creating warm gravies to pour over your dog’s food.

The Drawbacks of Using Dog Food Toppers

 Although dog food toppers are generally considered safe, there are some drawbacks to using them. It is important to always read labels carefully when choosing a dog food topper in order to ensure that you are giving your pup the best nutrition possible. Additionally, it is important to remember that feeding too many treats can lead to weight gain and other health issues.

Some cons of using a dog food topper:
  • Can lead to weight gain and other health issues if too many treats are given
  • Costs can ramp up quickly with certain toppers
  • Not all dog food toppers provide the same nutritional content so it is important to read labels carefully
  • Some dog food toppers may contain ingredients that your pup may be allergic or sensitive to

Weight Gain:

When it comes to treats, moderation is key. Too many treats can lead to weight gain and other health issues for your pup. Be sure to always read labels carefully when choosing a dog food topper in order to understand how many calories you are adding to their diet. In most cases, the powdered formulas carry the fewest calories. 


It can be big fun to add a topper that your dog loves to their food. But, using store bought or fresh/organic options can add up quickly in terms of expense. Sprinkles or powdered options provide all the same benefits to a dog, but at a much lower cost per serving. 

Nutritional Content:

Check labels to see if ingredients are human grade. If so, this means that while a person would not want to eat a dog food topper, the ingredients are deemed safe for human consumption. Human grade ingredient toppers are the best in terms of nutritional value and health. 

Ingredients and Nutritional Analysis

Many labels will contain a nutritional analysis or guaranteed analysis of the ingredients. While these analyses can be a bit confusing, you can quickly get an idea of the nutritional balance of fats, proteins, carbs and so forth. 
Here's a typical guaranteed analysis example: 

Store Bought vs. Homemade Dog Food Toppers

homemade dog food topper

When deciding which type of dog food topper is best for your dog, you have a choice between store bought and homemade options. Store bought dog food toppers are typically more convenient and easy to use, but they could cost more per serving. Keep in mind the nutritional content can vary greatly between brands, so be sure to read labels carefully.

Homemade dog food toppers can offer more control over the ingredients and nutrition content, however they require more preparation time and can be more expensive depending on the ingredients used. Essentially you are preparing food for your dog! 

Store Bought Dog Food Toppers Pros and Cons


  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Portable for travel 
  • Relatively inexpensive compared to homemade
  • Wide variety of flavors and nutritional content available


  • Nutritional content can vary greatly between brands
  • Some ingredients may cause allergies or sensitivities for your pup
  • Ingredients could be sourced from foreign countries 

Homemade Dog Food Toppers Pros and Cons


  • More control over ingredients and nutrition content
  • Can be tailored to your pup's individual needs
  • Cost effective depending on the ingredients used


  • Requires more preparation time than store bought options
  • May not be as convenient or portable for travel
  • Storage time is much shorter

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Final Thoughts on Dog Food Toppers:

Dog food toppers can be a rewarding way to provide your pup with an extra boost of nutrition while making mealtime more fun for all involved. Toppers can also be very functional, as they certainly can help with food boredom, picky eaters, senior dogs and more. 

The key to success will be to try a few different types, brands and flavors to see which fits best with your dog. And the fact that dog food toppers can be used without having to switch out your dog's food is a huge advantage as well.