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Perfect for: Adding Daily Variety, Older Dogs, Special Diets and Food Boredom

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About Doggondiments

Imagine if you had to eat the exact same food every single day? How Boring!

Well dogs can suffer from boredom with their food and postpone eating or beg incessantly for people food. And if we give in, our dogs can develop unhealthy conditions like obesity, diabetes and Cushing’s disease.

Doggondiments provides the smells and flavors that get dogs excited and allows them to ENJOY their kibble again without all the calories in people food.

Because our dogs are a member of the family, Doggondiments is made with only the highest quality ingredients in the USA, at a facility that makes seasonings for humans.


About the Doggondiments team

Doggondiments is the culmination of expertise intersecting two important areas - human food condiment formulating and the pet industry. And of course, we are dog lovers. We have over 40 years of food and flavor formulation development experience. And about the same number of years loving dogs. 

After pondering what it would be like to eat the same food every day for weeks, months and years at a time, we had a 'what if' revelation. What if, by using our food development and dog loving experience, we could provide a scent based mealtime experience for our dogs? But not those boring beef, chicken or pork flavors. No, we're talking about those wild, fun food flavors we love, and that dogs crave. 

Now we know dogs aren't really supposed to have junk food or fast food. But they sure crave it when we bring it home. But those flavor scents come from somewhere, and guess where that is? From formulators like us.  

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