Dog Food Toppers for Picky Dogs, Senior Dogs, Special Diets – Doggondiments

Perfect for: Adding Daily Variety, Older Dogs, Special Diets and Food Boredom

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Key Benefits

Why your dog will love Doggondiments

quality ingredients + healthy prebiotics + engaging scents + people food flavors = a happy dog.

Real Food Ingredients

Doggondiments™ flavor formulas are made from real food ingredients used for many human condiments and flavorings.

Scent-Driven Flavors

Our flavor formulas incorporate those irresistible scents that dogs beg for, while delivering a wonderful flavor sensation to every meal.


Doggondiments™ formulas include healthy prebiotics to support digestive health.

Works with Any Food

To make any food a flavor festival, simply sprinkle on or mix with warm water to make a delicious gravy.

Provides Variety

Changing foods can upset your dog's digestive system. Eliminate food boredom and the need to change foods.

Great for Older Dogs & Picky Eaters

If your dog is picky or if they are older and losing interest in eating as much, Doggondiments™ is the answer.

Happy Customers!