a tale of two dogs – Doggondiments

Perfect for: Adding Daily Variety, Older Dogs, Special Diets and Food Boredom

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a tale of two dogs

We created Doggondiments to solve an issue with our two Dogs, Buddy, an older dog, and Barkley an overweight dog.

Buddy was no longer eating his kibble as he had gotten older.

Meanwhile, Barkley would beg incessantly for everything, but now he was overweight!

Doggondiments was a solution for both dogs. It helped Buddy eat his food again, and it allowed us to treat Barkley without negatively impacting his weight.

Even better, the benefits don't stop there:

  • We added healthy prebiotics to allow dogs to better digest their food and get the most nutrition from it.
  • When our dogs need to take their medicine, doggondiments comes to the rescue by disguising the scent and taste of the medicine.
  • We've even gotten them to eat their veggies by sprinkling a little doggondiments on top.
  • With Doggondiments, expensive wet dog food was no longer necessary to get them to eat. Barkley likes his doggondiments sprinkled, while Buddy, the older dog, likes his mixed with water to make a delicious gravy.

Our mission is to help all dogs - older dogs, begging dogs and just plain bored dogs - enjoy their favorite part of the day - mealtime - to the fullest. 

We hope your dogs enjoy Doggondiments as much as ours do!



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