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Top Customer Questions

  • Are your formulas made from human grade ingredients?

    Yes. All Doggondiments formulas are made from 100% human grade ingredients. In fact, our formulas are safe for humans to taste, however, we wouldn’t really recommend this.

  • What is in your formulas?

    Doggondiments formulas include natural food extracts such as rice flour, beef broth and oat flour, plus prebiotics, a key to healthy digestion.

    You can read more here.

  • Is Doggondiments™ made in the USA?

    Yes! Every ingredient used in Doggondiments™, and every flavor we create, is made here in the USA. That means every single step - from the ingredient manufacturing, to the formulating, to the bottling and labeling. In addition, all ingredients are human grade and come to our FDA inspected manufacturing facility with a Certificate of Analysis stating the results of physical and microbiological

  • Do you add salt or sugar to your formulas?

    No, we do not add salt or sugars to any formula.

  • Will Doggondiments™ work with all dog foods?

    Yes. You can use Doggondiments with your favorite dog food or even healthy vegetable snacks such as baby carrots or green beans. In fact, our formulas provide an enhanced scent/smell with any food, dry or canned.

  • Are your formulas Kosher?

    Yes, several Doggondiments formulas are made with Kosher ingredients. For example, our Country Bacon & Egg flavor contains no bacon or meat.

    All Doggondiments ingredients for our Kosher formulas are Kosher approved, as is our manufacturing facility.

  • How do you use Doggondiments™?

    Simply shake or spoon Doggondiments onto your dog’s food. We recommend 1/2 teaspoon per cup of food. You can also mix Doggondiments with water.

  • Do your formulas go bad?

    While they do not go bad, we do recommend using Doggondiments by the 'Best By' date.