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Perfect for: Adding Daily Variety, Older Dogs, Special Diets and Food Boredom

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Science of Scent

Get a Whiff of This.

As dog owners we all know our companions have a keen sense of smell. But just how keen is truly remarkable.

Did you know your dog literally can taste with their sense of smell? It’s true, and that’s why when our pets get a whiff of something good we are eating, they are right their by our side. Waiting.

For dogs, scent (or smell) and taste are almost identical. They have around 220 million olfactory receptors located in the nasal cavity, compared to about 5 million in a human. But it gets even more amazing. Dogs also have a second olfactory chamber named the Jacobson's organ that allows your dog to smell and taste at the same time.

So it makes sense that scent is hugely important to dogs, and that’s why we created Doggondiments. Our formulas, while tasty and healthy, actually provide those wonderful scents that drives dogs wild. Added to any dry or canned food, Doggondiments makes every meal a taste sensation using scent as the primary element.

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